"Singer, songwriter, Holly Montgomery has recently released her newest album entitled, “Leaving Eden”, a 9 track, animated, lyrical wonder."
HUFFINGTON POST http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/interview-holly-montgomery_us_57b38919e4b014a587fba4a4

"Montgomery's voice is like a dose of heaven as it intertwines with swirling guitars that drive the album home. One of the most impressive records of the year, Holly Montgomery pens songs for the masses, no matter what genre you fancy."
NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE http://nodepression.com/album-review/holly-montgomery-shares-leaving-eden
“You want to join the party?” Yeah? Well that’s the opening question asked by Holly Montgomery on her new released “Leaving Eden”, and if you’re looking for some rock with meat on the bones, then you might want to take a listen. Holly Montgomery is a very good songwriter. Nice production from Rich Isaac, where each tune is effective, with lots of depth and fullness.” -
ONSTAGE MAGAZINE http://www.onstagemagazine.com/holly-montgomery-leaving-eden-reviewed/

"It is brilliantly done and her voice in a singing whisper is hypnotic. Pretty impressive experience this talented woman has below her belt. Having blown me away with her new album Leading Eden I expect to see lots more great things from this woman in the future. You have to take the time to browse her album and fall in love with her as well." -
MUMFECTION MUSIC BLOG http://mumfection.com/leaving-eden-review

"Montgomery's vocals are a real high point. Her voice has a deep, gritty tone that pours through the listener's headphones and/or speakers like sonic honey. It's apparent that Montgomery and the rest of her band have a keen ear for beautiful melodies, and that cohesion is audible across the board, as each element and instrument comes together to craft truly beautiful music." -
US BLASTING NEWS http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2016/08/album-review-holly-montgomery-leaving-eden-001067249.html

"There are so few lead singers who play the bass anymore that its even more refreshing coming from a solo artist. On Holly Montgomery‘s Leaving Eden she mixes her Linda Perry-style vocals with amazing bass-lines on an album that crafts amazing classic rock-influenced tunes..."
THE SCENE MAGAZINE http://thescenemagazine.ca/holly-montgomery-leaving-eden-album-review/

"...Listening to this album it becomes clear that Holly likes lyrics with substance and overall her performance is very authentic, pure and honest.  This is someone who lives and breathes her music...."
YOUR MUSIC BLOG, NETHERLANDS https://yourmusicblog.nl/holly-montgomery-leaving-eden-2016/

"Washington, DC-based, freelance musician and award-winning songwriter, Holly Montgomery, gets down to business, sharing her knowledge and experience, on the ups and downs, and how to’s, in achieving continual success, as a full-time, freelance artist."
GUITAR GIRL MAGAZINE https://guitargirlmag.com/interviews/holly-montgomery-dc-based-freelance-musician-talks-gigging-teaching-guitars/

Holly Montgomery may be Leaving Eden, but her music takes listeners to paradise. Holly has a talent that is rare among musicians today. She has an amazing voice, her musical talent is abundant and she's a great singer-songwriter who crosses the genres”
EAST COAST ROCKER <span class="font_small">http://www.EASTCOASTROCKER.COM/2016/08/28//holly-montgomery-leaving-eden/</span>

“We are quickly grabbed by Montgomery's low voice and her rockin' abilities.  Holly Montgomery is a strong songwriter, singer, and can rock as much as sway”.
SHORT AND SWEET NYC http://www.shortandsweetnyc.com/2016/08/holly-montgomery-leaving-eden/

"On LEAVING EDEN, we dig deep inside Montgomery's musical mindset. Her blissful music offers stories within every song, as her music takes you away on a journey. The album is short but sweet, and leaves a lasting impression".
PASTE MAGAZINE https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/10/holly-montgomery-is-a-powerful-force-with-leaving-eden.html

"I love a strong confident female artist who knows exactly how she wants to express herself. Holly Montgomery is one of those artists. Lyrically the album welcomes you to sing along. You’ll know all the songs by the time you reach the last one and then you’ll go back and play it again."
NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE http://www.nashvillemusicguide.com/holly-montgomery-with-leaving-eden/

"The new album Leaving Eden by Holly Montgomery hits the roots of rock with a lot of spirit and cool guitar playing. The album has a nice touch of folk music as well and should do just fine with lovers of the genre. Her songs tend to come from the heart".
AXS.COM http://www.axs.com/new-album-leaving-eden-by-holly-montgomery-hits-the-roots-of-rock-105801